Ashley Judd gets naked in the tub

August 4th, 2016 by J

If you’d ask any man who Ashley Judd has slept with, majority of them would agree that she’s one fucking tease. And this is not just a simple description of the actress but a huge warning to prospecting sexual partners because Judd is known to be like a hardcore succubus of a sort. She can’t wait until her men would wake to participate in their naughty sex sessions and she would suck and fuck any cock whether its owner’s still half asleep! And this is not her only ‘power’, apparently, as she will easily make you hard and horny by just stripping naked in the tub and let you film her as she caresses herself and play with those perky breasts, making sure she’s got your full attention. Her lover, who was filming that time, confessed that he dropped the camera in the tub because he got so horny and Judd ended up having one wild fucking action inside that cozy bath.

Naughty Ashley strips naked on cam while inside the bathroom

Ashley Judd gives head in a glory hole

April 3rd, 2016 by J

A product of a broken family, Ashley Judd may have accepted or even predicted the same fate when she got married to British racing driver Dario Franchitti. The union didn’t last too long and they didn’t have any kids. Probably reason why they split is because Ashley have told people that she can’t be popping babies while there are a ton of other children all over the world who are starving to death. That’s pretty mental if you ask me and I would definitely untie the friggin’ knot if she’ll pull this off on me just to save herself the hassle of breeding our own beautiful and most likely not going to starve to death children. She may appear to be a bit selfish on the matter if it was true, that that was her reason, then again who are we to judge about how she feels regarding motherhood? Might be scared of giving her kid some hell-ish childhood, transferring from school to school and another school because they couldn’t pay rent and had to move a couple of times. She actually attended more than 10 schools before reaching college.

Wild Ashley Judd enjoying a thick cock and sticky jizz in a glory hole!

And surprisingly, during the course of all the tranfers, she’s had time for other stuff which helped her stay sane and happy when she was a teen. Before all the fame and money, Ashley has grown to be one feisty teen chick who would go to extreme lengths to find happiness. Living with her mother would stress her out a lot so she made sure to find some sort of distraction that could serve as her daily dose of crack but much less expensive. Instead of going out with her girl friends after school, she goes straight into a joint and take a peek at these holes with full of surprises for her each time. Yes, she’s had a lot of cocks through those glory holes more than any other teens in her school that time. She ain’t a shy lil bitch either because she lets her pals film her while licking and sucking on boners and of course for the cream on the bun, getting a load of hot cum inside her mouth. No regrets for hardcore Ashley because it’s been rumored that this particular video got her famous and then the money came rolling in non-stop.

Ashley Judd’s Sexy Jugs

September 21st, 2010 by LimaBean
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Ashley Judd has got to be the celebrity with the most beautiful breasts ever. I mean, unlike most other celebrities who have to undergo breast enhancement surgery in order to have standout knockers, Ashley’s boobs are suited to her body. Yeah, they’re just the right size for her body type; they’re not too huge that they look like basketballs and they’re not to small that you could hardly notice them. If you want proof of how sexy this southern gal is, just check out these Ashley Judd nude photos.
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This southern gal’s tits look really sexy and she knows it. That’s why she’s not shy at all in baring her tits for various pictorials. Aside from her acting chops, her breasts and her body are her claim to fame and it’s just practical and wise to take advantage of her goodies to further her career. Anyway, the point is Ashley looks fucking hot without her clothes on and that’s what matters. Just check out these naked images of Ashley Judd if you want to see more of this bootylicious actress and her mouth-watering mounds.
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Ashley Judd’s Lesbian Sex Escapades

April 21st, 2010 by LimaBean

Well, it’s finally happened.  Hot MILF and our favorite Southerner Ashley Judd‘s finally fallen off the cock bandwagon and she’s now batting for the other team!  Of course it may just be a temporary fetish and she’ll be back to sucking cock or fucking vegetables in no time, but for now she seems enamored with the fairer sex when it comes to giving herself some orgasmic pleasure, and we’re behind her in all the things she decides to do, as usual.

Ashley Judd as a lesbian is hot, hot, hot after all.  Who doesn’t want to see Ashley and another sexy babe touching each other’s face and getting each other’s pussy wet?  Whether she’s using her fingers or her tongue or a double-headed dildo, she gets our cock hard with the way she gets another girl’s rocks off.  Her amazingly beautiful face and her luscious body with it’s perky Ashley Juggs is still part of the equation, and we’re still mesmerized when we see her naked.

I mean as long as these dirty photos keep leaking out showing Ashley and her Sapphic sessions, we’re happy as clams.  And just like us, you can find all of her dirty dalliances over on this site.  It’s the premiere site for all of her hot, erotic pics and videos so I’d check it out if I were you!

Ashley Judd likes sucking cock

July 10th, 2009 by LimaBean

She doesn’t look it, but Ashley Judd likes sucking – on lollipops, oysters, and cocks! Oh yes, Ashley Judd, aside from being a seasoned actress, is also your resident cocksucker! She likes sucking on a good hard cock until it explodes with buckets of cum! Her hot mouth makes it easy for the cocks to quiver every so often, and Ashley but loves to tease the cock and keep it on the verge of cumming multiple times. I must admit that’s not a very pleasant feeling at all – when you want to cum but Ashely expertly just keeps your orgasm at bay – but hey, you have to respect a girl who has perfected the art of cocksucking. After all, it’s Ashley Judd!

If you want to see more of Ashley Judd and her expert blowjob sessions or just want to see Ashley naked and delighted at the sight of big hard cocks to suck dry, click here! She sucks cock like a kid sucks a lollipop, but believe you me, she is anything but a novice at cocksucking. In fact, as soon as she puts your cock in your mouth, she will become your master, and all you could do is beg her to make you cum!

Ashley Judd Enjoys A Really Good Cum Facial

November 5th, 2008 by LimaBean

Looks like Dario Franchetti‘s discovered what Ashley Judd likes to do with those cucumbers from the fridge, and he’s trying to make amends by getting her off her vegetarian high-horse, and putting her on an all-meat diet.  Of course, since that tube of flesh he’s serving her is cockmeat, she shouldn’t really have any objection to it, unless she’s also given that up.  But judging from the look of her face here, vegetarian sex just doesn’t hold up to real, meaty fucking and sucking.  Ashley looks like she’s sucked that cock real good, but what she loves even more than that big, juicy fuckrod is the fresh, sticky cream that comes flowing out when she’s done her job right.  That protein-rich baby gravy is something she loves to taste and feel flowing down her throat, and it also feels so good covering her face.  How could a Kentucky gal like Ashley give this up for masturbating with a vegetable?  This is the real deal and she just loves it!

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Ashley Judd Caught Masturbating With Veggies

November 5th, 2008 by LimaBean

It must have been a long time since Dario Franchetti gave Ashley what she wanted, because why else would she be naked and stuffing a cucumber up her pussy like that?  Unless of course he’s the one who took that picture during a really kinky sex game of theirs or something.  Well, whatever the reasons for the existence of this image, we’re still highly aroused by the sight of Ashley Judd getting carnal with a vegetable.  Stuffing that long, smooth cucumber up her tight pussy is such a kinky thing that we never expected her to do, and it looks like she’s really enjoying it too.  She’s going to give herself multiple orgasms with that thing, I bet.  Sorry Dario, your stick shift’s been replaced by something from the fridge.  But then, Ashley’s been a vegetarian for a long time, so really, this little kinky session does make sense, in some twisted way!

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Ashley Judd Topless And Naked

November 5th, 2008 by LimaBean

It’s Ashley Judd’s face your eyes are immediately drawn to when you see her, whether in pictures, film, or if you’re lucky enough, in person.  Those beautiful eyes and lovely cheekbones are her passport to our loins, though it should be noted that she’s also got a very sexy body.  It just wasn’t something she flaunted or drew attention to, until now, with these nude pics of hers.  I guess she must be more secure these days with the sexual side of her personality, so that’s why we have the pleasure of staring at Ashley Judd’s perky titties with nipples that are just as pretty as she is.

It isn’t just her breasts we get to drool over in these photos, either.  She’s gone totally naked and we also get to feast our eyes on her lovely snatch, which is perfectly trimmed down to a small, thin patch right there between her legs.  I don’t know if Dario Franchetti approves of this, but who cares?  It’s Ashley Judd’s right to do whatever she wants to feel good about herself, especially after she checked herself in for 47 days at the Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Buffalo Gap, Texas after visiting sister Wynonna there.  She has said that she decided to stay because of personal issues, including depression and isolation, and decided to seek treatment for it.

So if Ashley Judd going nude is what makes her happy, we say let her have her happiness.  Of course it’s also our happiness that’s being boosted when we see her naked, so everybody wins in this case!  Check out that link back there for more of Ashley Judd showing off her ta tas!

Ashley Judd Goes Wild With Dicks At Mardi Gras

November 5th, 2008 by LimaBean

Now this is something Ashley Judd would probably like to forget, but that’s if she can even remember it at all.  It looks like something that’s happened long before, when she was young and unattached, and wild enough to get totally wasted at Mardi Gras, just like every other young, hot girl who’s been there.  And just like those drunk, raunchy girls, she lets go of her inhibitions and indulges her every naughty whim, like the urge to take on two cocks at once.  These two strangers were probably the luckiest guys in New Orleans that night, because they got Ashley Judd to suck on their cocks for fun!  Now who wouldn’t want to see that pretty face with her lips wrapped around their dick?

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