Ashley Judd Topless And Naked

It’s Ashley Judd’s face your eyes are immediately drawn to when you see her, whether in pictures, film, or if you’re lucky enough, in person.  Those beautiful eyes and lovely cheekbones are her passport to our loins, though it should be noted that she’s also got a very sexy body.  It just wasn’t something she flaunted or drew attention to, until now, with these nude pics of hers.  I guess she must be more secure these days with the sexual side of her personality, so that’s why we have the pleasure of staring at Ashley Judd’s perky titties with nipples that are just as pretty as she is.

It isn’t just her breasts we get to drool over in these photos, either.  She’s gone totally naked and we also get to feast our eyes on her lovely snatch, which is perfectly trimmed down to a small, thin patch right there between her legs.  I don’t know if Dario Franchetti approves of this, but who cares?  It’s Ashley Judd’s right to do whatever she wants to feel good about herself, especially after she checked herself in for 47 days at the Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Buffalo Gap, Texas after visiting sister Wynonna there.  She has said that she decided to stay because of personal issues, including depression and isolation, and decided to seek treatment for it.

So if Ashley Judd going nude is what makes her happy, we say let her have her happiness.  Of course it’s also our happiness that’s being boosted when we see her naked, so everybody wins in this case!  Check out that link back there for more of Ashley Judd showing off her ta tas!

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